The Frog Invaders are  coming from interstellar universe. They like to mixe up self-deprecating, deep thoughts, light thoughts and their life experiences. Are they “Crook”! Noway, they Know how to Pimp Their effectives Songs… The Frog Invaders are musical painters with a thousand color palette. Indeed, they love music with a capital “M”. Moreover, the biggest ego in this group is MUSIC. With their Electro Glam style, they use different musical styles: funk , rock, pop, hip hop, house/dance. They are  in any musical trend and assume their political correctness, their cyncism. The Frog Invaders  through their singer Franco English author, offer his songs most of the time in 2 languages and work for the Frog Track RMX with Londoners DJ and Producers. They are also able spontaneously to pick up an acoustic guitar with rock energy that make you build up a wooden shed on the St Lawrence banks. The Frog Invaders are self made men. They are craftsmen and they do everything by themselves music, visual and communication … The Frog Invaders wants to decomplex people without forgetting to deliver their Mastroyshka messages and values.