Do you know what?

The Bionic Woman was spending Steve Austin’s last 6 million… Huggy Bear was pimping out Columbo’s wife to Starsky & Hutch… Wonder Woman was on a Weight Watchers diet… Charlie was sneaking instructions to his angels Jaclyn and Farrah… All were way too busy to notice that it all got started one dark night along Route 66: yeeeahhh, the Frog Invasion. The whole FrOggle Rock planet was depending on 2 representatives to reach human ears! Gay Pareeee! See Paris and take in its splendor… with a French touch! Those Frenchies, sometimes annoying people, buttering and eating their cousins’ legs… it’s so obvious – they just had to get into the bodies and souls of 2 frawgs (kin of dawgs?) with huge potential. Sylver & Zaz, both Electro Glam Rock & Parisian Style! Both left home a long time ago, and more than once have lit stages and radio-waves on fire: Sylver as a singer, actor, model; Zaz as a guitarist, soundtrack and ad-tunes composer. A perfect base camp and disguise to create the Frog Touch! Done, with L.A. Eddy doing the mix, and lining up the fans for the show! Reebeat after me “Xcuse my French!… MY French!”




Moka Frapuchino !!

This piece was inspired by a band of Males Models Bipolar !! Indeed, it happened  during a Martin Margiela cat walk. They made up funy toast before every go on the cat walk about been a Male Model!  It was the 4th Dimension !! Self mockery were among them , BIG TIME??
Many thanks to Model Face: Stéphane Munière Foot Model: Benoit Danton and Model Hair: ???. They managed to give us time between 2 “Fashion Week” for this Music Video ! Thanks for that really! 
Big up to Frédéric Vincent  (lights calibration) and Maria.


The English answer !

I must put my hands up and admit that the first time I saw that ‘Excuse my French’ video I thought that the blokes that did it were probably English. I mean let’s be honest, the French are hardly known for their sense of humour are they? Ok, so they gave us the 2CV and Johnny Halliday, but my instinct tells me that neither of those were actually meant to be funny.
So i have to hand it to those Froggy Invader fellas for not taking themselves too seriously. We couldn’t let them have it all their own way could we? They already have the….errr….anyway, in the true tradition of Anglo-French relations we felt it was only right that we gave it a go ourselves. Singing the song, badly, in French we decided to throw in a few stereotypes of our own, so after gathering a few friends using Facebook, we set about doing a very British version of the track down in Peckham. Our French truly should be excused, as it was so awful that Del Boy himself would have winced, so we’ve got some real French people to overdub the vocals, which they did in their spare time between going on strike and beheading aristocracy. Bless ’em. So here it is. The UK Dry mix of ‘Excuse my French’. Remember guys and girls, the only real Beef is British Beef… Your move Froggys…


(Producers Alyster & Christopher James From Switzerland)